Chibi Knight – The Gladiator — Vector EPS #brashmonkey #Tokegameart • Available here →

Chibi Knight – The Gladiator

He never was seen without his armor lest he suffer again the humiliation of being called "cute".

Illustration inspiration

Chibi Knight - White Bull - Sprites Game Assets

Chibi Knight - White Bull

Dota 2 - Chibi Knights by spidercandy on deviantART

Sladar, Sandking Tidehunter, Life stealer Skeleton king, Night stalker i finish this one quicker then i thougt i really enjoyed drawing Sandking

Chibi Knight – The Golden Helmet - Sprites #Game Assets Download here:

Chibi Knight – The Golden Helmet

Kuran Kaname chibi -- Vampire Knight <<< GAAHH!!! CHIBI KANAME!! He's. Too. CUUUUTE!!! ♡♡♡

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