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Critical Verbs of the Common Core Vocabulary Word Wall Cards

Are you strategically teaching your students the critical verbs in the Common Core State Standards? If you want your students to do well on state tests, they need to know what's being asked of them. Use these bright, colorful chevron word wall cards to help you explicitly teach each verb and to post in your classroom for year long reference. Set included 30 word wall cards with definitions and graphics. $ #wildaboutfifthgrade


Reading Comprehension Posters

Reading Comprehension Posters! Cute posters with student-friendly explanations and visual cues on chevron backgrounds for comprehension strategies and skills. $


Alphabet Cards Chalkboard Chevron Word Wall Posters Manuscript A-Z Alphabet Chalk it up Teacher Classroom Back to School First Day // 5"x6.6

Dolch Sight Words {Black and White Glitter Chevron} Word Wall

**FREEBIE**PREVIEW** First Grade Mega Math Practice. Young mathematicians need lots of practice with new concepts!