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Top 5 Oils to Diffuse for Sinus and Chest Congestion


Homemade Decongestant

Homemade Decongestant Ingredients 1 c. honey 1 c. lemon juice 5-7 radishes 1 sm. red onion 6 garlic cloves (If my cloves are super-small, I use a couple more.)


Mustard seeds are an excellent source of selenium, a nutrient that helps reduce the severity of asthma, chest congestion, decreases symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis, & helps prevent cancer as well as inhibiting growth of existing cancer cells. The seed helps to lower high blood pressure, reduce frequency of migraine & prevent heart attack in patients suffering from atherosclerosis or diabetic heart disease. Mustard seed oil has been known to stimulate hair growth. #dherbs #healthtips


Clear Chest Congestion

5 ways to help clear chest congestion - beneficial for an asthmatic


Home remedies for sinus and chest congestion! Includes multiple uses for Eucalyptus oil, recipe for a soothing drink to cut phlegm, and instant relief tips.


13 Effective Home Remedies For Chest Congestion

Do you feel awkward in social situations when you can’t stop clearing your throat and coughing? Do you wake up tired because your coughing kept you up all night? This is often caused due to chest congestion that often leads to serious health conditions. Here are 13 effective home remedies for chest congestion. Read on! #HomeRemedies