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This couldn't be more accurate. The bird will always think she won. And what a win!! Hope you're happy living in a fantasy. Your aggression is hilarious. We love to look at your posts, while drinking some beers, and just laugh and laugh at all the hypocrisies and contradictions!!! It's hilarious!!

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This Silvered and Gilded Bronze Vasari Figural #Chess Set rests on a board of silver. Maryhill Museum of Art in Goldendale, Washington.

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Interior Design Inspiration on Instagram: “So elegant and sexy! Thanks for the tag @bymads”

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A Comprehensive Collection of 60 Famous Quotes By Carl Jung

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Scotch and Cigar Pairing

Okay, we're in. All that's here is Scotch & Cigars............& Bourbon, and oh look, a chess game is going on.................

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