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Journal of Chemical Education Great Chem lessons- high level for most MS but when introduced and scaffolded the right way are some truly memorable lessons.

from Bren Did

Penny Change Chemistry - Cool Science Experiments for Kids

Cool Science Experiments for Kids – Get your kids interested in STEM → science, technology, engineering, and math with these easy science projects using physics and chemistry. Create a glitter tornado, shine pennies then turn them green, and catch ice on a string using supplies you have around the house. Smart is the New Cool! #free printable #STEM #lesson plan


A new study released by USGS, published in the Environmental Chemistry journal, has determined pervasive neonicotinoid pesticide contamination in more

A new catalyst material developed by chemists at MIT provides key insight into the design requirements for producing liquid fuels from carbon dioxide. The study appears this week in the international chemistry journal Angewandte Chemie.



Pharmaceutical Chemistry Journal is devoted to exploratory and particular research on the making of new pills and the change of gathering development of meds...

Alice Fox | Gifts from the Pavement for Sketchbook Project 19 - a record of things picked up in the streets around my home on everyday short walks during autumn and winter. They have come together with the help of the chemistry of tea to make marks on the pages of the book. I’ve then used rollers and ink to build up more marks and texture and finally there are stitches added in response to the other marks. #artists_book


alostmoon: “25.7.15 // 4:03PM Bonding revision notes done and C1.1 finished (woohoo!). I’m particularly loving the post it in the corner. I need to get some more appropriate washi tape which fits my themes ”