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chelsea smile - bmth // i literally just noticed that i pin way too many bmth stuff oops

I know this is a quote from a song but since I don't know the band that sang it, this makes me think of the Joker.

Jeff the killer <--- ummm, actually this isn't creepypasta, although I see how it could be mistaken. These are Bring Me The Horizon lyrics! No, this is what happens when Momma gets ahold of BMTH lyrics! The picture IS of Jeff the Killer.

I may look happy but honestly dear the only way I'll smile is if you cut me ear to ear.

What I Hate But He Still Does - #3 making fun of my mistakes

Find out what creepy pasta you behave most like. Results include: Lj Jeff the Killer Slender man Sally

I've got a secret, it's on the tip of my tongue, it's on the back of my lungs and I'm gonna keep it. I know something you don't know <3

Bring Me the Horizon- Chelsea Smile (lyrics)

Chelsea Smile

I like this - but think I'd like it better if it read: We all carry things inside that no one else can see -- They hold us down like anchors, with a potential to drown us out at sea

Bildresultat för chelsea smiles band

Bildresultat för chelsea smiles band

Bring Me The Horizon Chelsea Smile -

Chelsea Smile music video for the song from Suicide Season, the second full length studio album by British alternative metal band Bring Me The Horizon.