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Rocco DiSpirito’s Unfried Rice Balls ‘Arancini’

Here's a super snack for Super Bowl Sunday: Unfried Rice Balls Arancini. Recipe:,,20668216,00.html


45 #calories for a cookie??!! I'm in :) Rocco Dispirito's Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe (45 Calories / 1.4g Fat / 2g Protein per Cookie)***


Chef Rocco Dispirito's Mama's Meatballs

Chef Rocco Dispirito's Mama's Meatballs While watching the cooking segment of the October 19th episode of The Tony Danza Show, Chef Rocco's Dispirito's mama prepared her infamous meatballs. I have not tried them, but I have a friend that did the following night and said she will never make another meatball recipe again.


Paccheri with lamb ragù

What could be more comforting than this Welsh Lamb ragù recipe? With some quality ingredients, such as smoked ricotta, and cheffy techniques, Francesco Mazzei elevates a dish of humble origins to a thing of gourmet beauty.


2- Frozen Bananas, Unsweetened Almond milk, amt varies ( start off w/ a little & add as needed. If I want it thicker I add less, if I want it more like smoothie add more milk.) 2 Tbsp of Sugar Free Fat free Choc pudding mix or Diet Hot choc packet, Vanilla, protein optional. gm