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Citrus sorbets

A trio of citrus sorbet recipes from Italian chef Francesco Mazzei including a tangy lemon sorbet recipe along with refreshing orange and blood orange sorbet recipes for a perfect summer dessert.

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Book review: Mezzogiorno: Recipes from Southern Italy by Francesco Mazzei

Recipes from Southern Italy is a collection of recipes by Calabrian-born chef Francesco Mazzei.

Stuffed calamari

This delicious stuffed calamari recipe is a southern Italian classic and a favourite of the chef Francesco Mazzei.

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Francesco Mazzei to open new Italian concept in Islington

In this exciting video Italian chef Francesco Mazzei searches for the white truffle, thepremium ingredient needed for his speciality beef tagliata

Roast chicken stuffed with bucatini

Roast chicken stuffed with bucatini is a common Christmas dish served in southern Italy and a favourite of Calabrian-born chef, Francesco Mazzei.

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Calabrese pizza

This PizzaExpress pizza packs a southern Italian punch with its hot Calabrese sausage, fresh chillies, roquito peppers and spicy, soft nduja sausage. This is the only rectangular pizza on the PizzaExpress menu, created in honour of chef Francesco Mazzei’s grandmother, who believed pizzas should be this shape.

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Ciambotta di Verdure (Pan-Fried Vegetables Served in Bread)

This amazing Ciambotta di Verdure (Pan-Fried Vegetables Served in Bread) from award-winning chef Francesco Mazzei is an intriguing twist on a sandwich. Hailing from southern Italy, this hearty lunch or snack combines flavoursome sourdough bread with mixed, eggy vegetables for a more-ish treat that will please both children and adults.

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How to Cook the Best Food Southern Italy Has to Offer

Chefs' Secrets of Success: Francesco Mazzei

Lamb burger with courgette fries

Lamb burger by Francesco Mazzei Francesco Mazzei gives the burger a makeover, using beautiful Italian ingredients with flair. A roast aubergine purée and crispy courgette fries add to the lamb burger's appeal

Linguine with prawns, lemon and parsley

Francesco Mazzei serves up a delicious linguine recipe with prawns, lemon and parsley, making one of his favourite southern Italian dishes.

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Paccheri with lamb ragù

What could be more comforting than this Welsh Lamb ragù recipe? With some quality ingredients, such as smoked ricotta, and cheffy techniques, Francesco Mazzei elevates a dish of humble origins to a thing of gourmet beauty.

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Baccalá stuffed courgette flowers

Francesco Mazzei's baccalá stuffed courgette flowers recipe is a real celebration of summer. Beautifully presented with edible flowers and crisp salads, the flowers are stuffed with creamy salted cod baccalá and grilled with cheese to serve.

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Such unusual flavour combinations show the kitchen at L'Anima's confidence and they produce delectable mouthfuls, both sweet and piquant. Readers lap up L’Anima’s ‘simply stylish’ surrounds and applaud chef Francesco Mazzei’s generous, big-hearted Calabrian cooking.

"Macellaio RC is all about premium meat cuts from Italy, accompanied by cicchetti, charcuterie and homemade pastas. Their latest place on Union Street also features a Ligurian bakery, a must for anyone who's been on the Italian Riviera and can no longer live without "pissa" and "focaccia di Recco." Francesco Mazzei, chef patron of Sartoria

Black cod with red onion jam, peas and broad beans

Francesco Mazzei marinates Alaska black cod in liquorice, Prosecco and tarragon before slowly grilling and serving with wonderfully fresh peas and broad beans

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Rack of lamb with summer vegetables

Francesco Mazzei Chef Patron of London restaurant L'Anima shows you his recipe for pot roast rack of Welsh lamb with seasonal vegetables in this video.

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Paccheri with lamb ragù

Paccheri with Welsh Lamb ragù

Francesco Mazzei - Co-owner and Chef Patron at L'Anima restaurant

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