Best Friends photo :)

Best Friends photo :) [ "Blonde/Brunette or us returners!", "Abby and Mallory!\", \"Awe this is really cute i wanna do this but for drill team instead of"

15. "Barbie, know you're a boy right?" inquired Cindy. "Of course! I've untucked myself on the loo enough times to know that!" "Then why all the girly stuff?" asked Cindy. "I don't understand" replied Barbie "I'm perfectly boyish." "What?!!!" screamed Cindy in disbelief. "I'm neither a man like Zach nor a woman like Vanessa. I'm a boy and there is nothing masculine or feminine about being a boy. Most boys are girly too deep down!" suggested Barbie.

This hair is legit perfect! I wish mine could look like this all the time! But OMG she looks just like Allison from pretty little liars

Your hair probably looked like this at games or competitions. | 35 Things Every Cheerleader Will Understand #cheer #cheerleader #cheerleading

35 Things Every Cheerleader Will Understand! This was the life :) 12 years of cheerleading and I still practice at home!

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