a bases job is never done and is so very important.....

I'm a flyer, and I love my bases! I am new at cheering and hop my bases will always be there to catch me

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If they have never been a flyer they are scared to death and you have to keep reminding them that you are going to drop them.Sometimes a a stunt falls but it will be okay as long as the flyer didnt get injured!

(Because they're in pain. Not because they're "too scared" to go in the air or something... )

Ughhhhh I Hate it when this happens! Don't people know that cheerleading IS a sport. I am a cheerleader and I am not stupid. Everyone deserves an equal amount of love and respect, cheerleaders have emotion, too.

yeah I got a hole in my face.

I don’t care how big the bruise will be, I’d rather my flyer hit me than hit the floor.

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im a flyer and i have kicked people in the face before but they never get mad. i have also been a base and got kicked in the face as long as the flyer gets catched and is okay then i dont care!

Cheer Base set Cheer base Set of 3 by LambchopPrintables on Etsy

Cheer Base set Cheer base Set of 3 by LambchopPrintables on Etsy

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