Checkered cake on the inside

35 Amazing Birthday Cake Ideas

Checkerboard Birthday Cake - Eat Healthy Stockphoto My mom had a set of cake pans with separators that made a checkerboard cake. The batter had to be extra thick to keep it from running, but it turned out pretty. This way, however, is foolproof.

30 Surprise-Inside Cake and Treat Ideas!!

30 Surprise-Inside Cake Ideas (with pictures & recipes)

Steps on how to make a CHECKERED cake!

Checkerboard Cake!~ A Blog Tutorial

Lumberjack Cake... this is SO cool!

Cake artist Elizabeth Marek, owner of the Portland, Oregon-based Artisan Cake Company, has added a new tutorial to her Sugar Geek Show website that features a lumberjack tree trunk cake. The manly cake comes complete with an edible axe on top and a tasty

Checkered board cake

A checkerboard cake is one of the prettiest cakes there is. You do not need a special pan to make one, here are some simple steps to help you replicate the effect.

Checkerboard Cake - Easy to make, you just pipe 3 circles of alternating batter in pans, then bake! Mom made these often...

Checkerboard Cake

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CHECKERED RAINBOW CAKE - though the  directions are incomplete and I don't know how they did this!

Checkered Rainbow Cake W/Vintage Clowns! Somehow this lovely cake makes the clowns less creepy.

Wiltons checker cake set.

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