I love a Christmas stocking - there are some awesome ideas for gifts for the whole family. We certainly a few stocking fillers of our own including cute historic handmade costumes for the dolls and their pets.

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Christmas stocking fillers ... 100 lovely ideas for cheap and homemade Christmas stocking fillers and stocking stuffers

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Leave a few chocolate coins on your stairs for the children to find on Christmas morning and tell them that they must have fallen out of Santa's pocket.

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Your Christmas just got easy (and even better value) at The Works. Check out the Christmas Shop - decorations, gift deals, hampers, toys, wrapping paper, cheap stocking fillers, cards and more)

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If you are looking for a perfect stocking filler for Christmas, or perhaps something for your Christmas party bags. Why not create some fun Chupachups lollipops with these great templates? We have them both in colour and in black and white for the perfect

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