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Soundproof Insulating Wall Stickers

Soundproof Insulating Wall Stickers - These 3D Self-Adhesive Wall Stickers Add Visual Decor Appeal (GALLERY)


Are SHIPPING containers the solution to over-heating property market?

Each home is assessed and individually designed depending on its location and the varying weather conditions for perfect insulation


Diese 7 Materialien machen exklusives Interieur mit wenig Geld möglich

7 Materialien, die mit wenig Geld ein exklusives Interieur ermöglichen #refinery29 KorkKork ist schön! Und praktisch noch dazu. Denn das Naturmaterial kann nicht nur Weinflaschen verschließen, sondern auch als Pinnwand fungieren, die zusätzlich auch noch schall- und wärmeisoliert. So wird das Moodboard nicht nur zum kreativen, sondern auch zum funktionalen Alleskönner....

DIY Cheap Tufted Headboard- Made with a piece of $10 styrofoam insulation board and faux fabric buttons by Over The Apple Tree

Cork wall (I bet this would work as a great sound absorber in a music studio) AND it could have music pinned to it...


The 411 On Your Insulation

When we were building our home, we needed our office to be sound proof for work reasons. We decided while we were at it, we would sound proof the playroom as well. Good idea, no? We bought a spe...


IN THE BOX : Container House in Poland (Bielsko-Biała) Conceptual project based on the two types of sea containers. Two floors connected interior staircase.