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Writing stimulus - what's through the key hole? Make a link with stories, fantasy settings etc. Nice photo for a piece of extended writing, possibly even based on 'The Secret Garden' as I used as a stimulus last year with Year 1.


"The ability to play music by ear has more to do with what is felt rather than what is heard." <3 shb <3


via DieselSteamGypsy Feels "Old West", which is concurrent with the Victorian Era in Britain. A flavor from the Americas, yes?


"Sounds like wishful thinking." I sighed and turned to Ryder, crossing my arms. "It's called hope. You should look into it sometime." He shut his mouth as I continued strapping on weapons to my body, preparing for our escape. "Well, you're the boss. Don't you think we should wait for Em?" I stopped for a moment, pursing my lips and thinking. @Calathiel0114


in ancient times, bees were considered a symbol of the soul, of death and rebirth...medieval hymns that referred to the Virgin Mary as the bee hive, and Christ as the honey that flowed from her. In some stories, the Virgin Mary was associated with the queen bee (by author of the Secret Life of bees) Christians believed that the bee breeds by chastity, they made it a symbol of the Immaculate Conception and emblem of the V.Mary image linked also to Saviour : honey = Christgrace…