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As for Guy, he moved downtown into Nina and Chastity’s apartment building (neg chemistry with both!), and got a job in Law Enforcement. I kinda hate his face

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Alice in Wonderland, Fine Art Photography, White Rabbit, Key Hole, 16x20, wall decor, Print, Photo, Forrest, nature, decoration, party, gift

Writing stimulus - what's through the key hole? Make a link with stories, fantasy settings etc. Nice photo for a piece of extended writing, possibly even based on 'The Secret Garden' as I used as a stimulus last year with Year 1.


via DieselSteamGypsy Feels "Old West", which is concurrent with the Victorian Era in Britain. A flavor from the Americas, yes?


Poor little Ima and her plan for the redemption of her soul flying out the window when she realizes that some people no longer WANT to be fixed...


One of Eloi's two sisters, Antoinette. Like the Queen's sister Aurore, Antoinette took a vow of chastity and has never been forced to marry. She lives under the protection of her brother and his wife and enjoys relative freedom. She is a celebrated poet and the only woman deemed worthy of writing essays on the nature of the Immortal. The Queen is her patron and most avid fan.