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Charlize Theron Bio

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Charlize Theron, actriz nacida en Sudáfrica. "Descansa en paz, Mandela. Se te echará de menos, pero tu impacto en el mundo durará para siempre".


Charlize Theron backstage Charlize Theron at the #Oscars Art Streibers Look at Hollywoods Big Night More photos at [Link in Bio] || #hollywood #talent #oscar #theacademy #behindthescenes #awards

For great things to happen get out of your comfort zone that is the mantra of famous personalities like Danica Patrick as she cruises through industry stereotypes to actors like: Charlize Theron and Jared Leto who made a career out of avant-garde movie roles. Read full article online for dating tips for any age online! Link in bio.

I got to interview the great CHARLIZE THERON For @vmagazine @charlizeafrica LINK IN BIO by jamesfrancotv