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“Good ol’ Charlie Brown” is the lovable loser in the zig-zag t-shirt—the kid who never gives up (even though he almost never wins). He manages the world’s worst baseball team…yet shows up for every game. He can’t muster the courage to talk to the Little Red-Haired girl…yet keeps hoping. Even though he gets grief from his friends, his kite-eating tree, even his own dog, Charlie Brown remains the stalwart hero.

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Peanuts gang- Charlie brown, Sally, Woodstock, Lucy, Schroeder, Snoopy, Marcie, Peppermint Patty, Pigpen and Linus.

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Emily first appeared on February 11, 1995 where she asks Charlie Brown to dance with her at an afternoon dance class. In February 16, 1995 Charlie Brown's dance teacher tells him that there is nobody called Emily in the class. The strip from February 17, 1995 shows Charlie Brown thinking that he is dancing with Emily but actually dancing by himself. Emily is a figment of imagination. Emily appeared in two more strips in 1996 and 1999, but on those occasions Snoopy is able to see her too.

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Violet Gray

Violet made her debut on February 7, 1951, making her the first major character to join the cast of the original four Peanuts characters (which consisted of Charlie Brown, Patty, Shermy, and Snoopy). She is best friends with Patty and they would often appear together as a duo.

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Meet Peanuts' Sally Dryer and composer David Benoit