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Charleston chews

Chewy Nougat (Also, Marshmallow Creme) Recipe - ZipList -ga- This is a copycat recipe of sorts, for Charleston Chew--which I absolutely love. It carried the day when I was homeless, making my jaw to tired to want to eat anything else. I could collect enough cans usually to buy a drink, two hotdogs (at closing only tho) piled with every topping, and one Charleston Chew (Vanilla). It's healthier than a microwave burrito from a corner market anyway.

Charleston Chew Chewy Nougat Candy 3 Flavor 9 Bar Variety Bundle: (3) Vanilla Charleston Chew Candy Bars, (3) Chocolate Charleston Chew Candy Bars, and (3) Strawberry Charleston Chew Candy Bars, 1.87 Oz. Ea. (9 Bars Total)

Charleston Chew

@Tammy Brodbeck Charleston Chew: Chews right, chews what you will become, I hope you chews to come, thank you for chews-ing to help (or attend).

Charleston Chews, Strawberry, 1.875 Ounce Bars (Pack of 24) >>> Trust me, this is great! : Fresh Groceries


A favorite of some candy lovers since 1922, the Charleston Chew is a delicious candy bar of nougat, chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavor, wrapped in milk chocolate!