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No matter how hard Charlie Brown looks, he cannot find a single story worth writing about for his school newspaper assignment. Luckily, Lucy is on the case and she has found the perfect solution--when you can't find a story to tell, you have to make life tell the story you want!!

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Snoopy Tennis, 1960s - original vintage poster by Charles M. Schulz listed on

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Linus Wordemann~ If me and Hux had a boy together, this is probably what he'd look like grown up #personalheadcanon #son #generalhux

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This is my sons favourite saying, "Life's too hard for me Mum." So here are the words said by Charlie Brown for everyone on the Spectrum. ASD, Autism, Aspergers

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Peanuts - Good advice Linus. Charles Schultz often paraphrased The Bible as he did in this cartoon...., miss him.

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