Project Night Night - Gives a blankie, stuffed animal and a book to children who are homeless. They can take their "home" with them wherever they go.

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I might change up the wording some but I really like this idea for a booth...put this somewhere near a sign that tells about my military/veterans discount.

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Neutrals + Greens + Indoor plants = a botanical look that’s easy to create in any room.

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A Fidget Quilt can be used by Alzheimers, Dementia or Brain Trauma Patients. It has attachments to keep restless fingers busy, touching and

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The world of the homeless may seem very far from yours, but in some ways it is quite near. For any of us, the loss of a job, the illness or death of a spouse or a child, or a severe physical disabi...

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Warren the Charity Bear - an easy and free pattern designed especially for charitable giving

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Six Sox Challenge Fundraiser- This sounds simple but is a real winner with children. Peg six coloured socks on a line and pop a cheap toy or a few sweets in each. Kids can feel but not look inside the sock. They can keep whatever is in the sock they choose. Simply refill the socks after each go. You can of course use more than six socks

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