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Kishu Binchotan Charcoal | using binchotan are the way Japanese naturally water purify water just by placing the sticks in a glass pitcher. Better than britta filters, I've found...


This activated charcoal stick filters your water, no plastic and ugly Brita filter needed. Plus it's compostable when you're done!

from The Survival Mom

INSTANT SURVIVAL TIP: Improvised Water Filter - Survival Mom


Water Purification Science Project + video. This does NOT purify water but it would be a good idea to get the gunk out before you do...


Clapp's Home-Made Water Filter. this filter is composed of the simplest materials - sand and charcoal. The filter is arranged from a 50-gallon wine cask with a false bottom, perforated; on this a layer of gravel, then alternate layers of charcoal and white, clean sand, and top layer of excelsior, with perforated cover ten inches from the top, and a discharge-pipe or over-flow four inches from the top.