I really like the following list of Maslow's characteristics of 'self-actualizers' as cited on the SimplyPsychology.org website. You can see a diagram of Maslow's Heirarchy of Human Needs pyramid a...

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Bourride –a fish stew with a garlicky sauce, similar to bouillabaisse, usually thickened with egg yolks and strong garlic flavor. Visit the culture section of www.talkinfrench.com for moouth-watering articles about French cuisine!

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------1------ Building Vocabulary --- This really doesn't have an activity to it, but I felt like this would be a great start to a activity. You could use the poster and each day tell the students they couldn't use one of the words in yellow and they had to replace it with one of the words below it. It could be a weekly thing.

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Growth Mindset: Fun and challenging Word Search Activity to help reinforce characteristics of Growth Mindset. This word search is meant to supplement your other growth mindset activities. ========= Find my other word search puzzles HERE Growth Mindset Poster Activity HERE========If your students are like mine, they love word searches.

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Motivation, self-confidence, flexibility, teamwork, negotiation skills, respect…. Want to see more of these characteristics in your students? Find out how here. These soft skills are great for high school teachers and students.

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Cute circle time activity, have the kids split up into groups of three and come up with 5 words that describe teddy bears, then you could talk about what you do with teddy bears

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Character Traits Meme -- You may: Print this out. Repeat this as many times as you wish. Add on your own characteristics. Add on more character slots.

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I’m loyal. And no matter how many times my loyalty has been abused, that’s one characteristic of mine I will never change.

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Character Adjective Word Mat --- This is a resource that I love!! Students can use it to refer to when writing about their characters. It provides students with a list of adjectives to describe a character in general, bad guys and good guys! Students not just have to describe their characteristics it can also help them to describe their physical appearance! Enjoy! #reachingteachers Check more at http://www.reachingteachers.com.au/teacherresources/product/character-adjective-word-mat/

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