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Properties of polynomial functions


M^3 (Making Math Meaningful): Quadratic Headbanz - An fun activity for reviewing quadratic equations


Which One Doesn't Belong? Tell Me why? Even Calculus students can be challenged to think about characteristics.


Characteristics of Parabolas Interactive Notebook Page - quadratic function inb page


Describing Characteristics of Graphs Foldable - Inside

Example of finding the characteristic polynomial and its factorization in a Diagonalization problem.


Free Guided Inquiry Lesson - In investigation 1, students discover what features in a function cause vertical asymptotes versus holes. In investigation 2, they make observations about the characteristics of a function that cause horizontal and slant asym

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Quadratic Functions Key Features Foldable

This Quadratic Functions: Key Features foldable can be used as a summary tool for your interactive notebooks. Or the foldable can be used as a record sheet for my Quadratic Functions: Matching Game. Includes graphing, algebraic equation, and characteristics such as domain and range; increasing and decreasing; positive and negative; zero(s); and even, odd or neither.


A Heuristic Quasi-Polynomial Algorithm for Discrete Logarithm in Finite Fields of Small Characteristic


Describing Characteristics of Graphs Foldable - Outside