character traits

I'm so tired of hearing that the character is "Nice" Classroom: Reading / Writing. Character Traits grouped with similar traits. Use to compare and contrast. What are the subtle differences? Would be great to transfer these into a web organizer.

Fact: Anti-socials, narcissists and sociopaths percieve these traits as weaknesses; flaws in the human condition that only serve to put people at a complete disadvantage in terms of day to day functioning.

What do you stand for? It's important that you do know what you stand for; as if you stand for nothing? You'll fall for anything.

Such a great book to teach Growth Mindset and Character Traits.

We chose our first set of books for our read-aloud mini-lessons in September. We strategically chose books with back-to-school themes so.

3rd Grade Thoughts: Getting It Started Saturday: Habit #1: Be Proactive

Great use of 7 habits of Happy kids. i also want to try this for me. Instead of working on multiple behaviors allat once which can be challenging with the younger ones, I like the idea of sticking with one specific behavior goal for the entire week until

This “Character Traits” printable is included in “Resources and Lessons for Fiction Reading”. It is only a taste of what awaits you. #elemchat #spedchat #Literacy Awesome resource from Beth Newingham’s Scholastic blg. Added to Classroom Printables

character traits (includes activity and another printable on inferring character traits from actions.) Also, at link printables for types of conflict and common themes in lit.

A walk in my shoes...: 4th grade Anchor Charts

reading anchor charts, inferring, character analysis, great anchor chart for teaching inferring information about a character