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The Tianning Pagoda (天宁宝塔/天寧宝塔) The Tianning Temple (simplified Chinese: 天宁寺; traditional Chinese: 天寧寺; pinyin: Tiānníng Sì), located in Changzhou City, Jiangsu Province, China, is noted for its giant wooden pagoda,

World Joyland Theme Park

World Joyland Theme Park | Warriors, satyrs, elves, and demons all stand boldly in the face of copyright law. Even the architecture of the castles and orcish huts seem to have been rendered straight from the game world.

Changzhou has recently been named one of 12 ghost cities in China by the China Youth Daily, which is a rather unbecoming label for a city that has a 2,500 year history.

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Changzhou Culture Center

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