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Change Voting Address

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Accountants in Essex on

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Les trouvailles d’Internet pour bien commencer la semaine #128

Probably a question he should be able to take a crack at, if he knows so much about women.

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These are the weapons Islamic State fighters are using to terrify the Middle East

JAN16.....................ISIS have loads of different weapons that come from all over the world.


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Americans have to keep fighting to build a "stronger middle class in today's changing economy," U.S. President Barack Obama said in his weekly address Saturday. That fight includes the right to have affordable health insurance, fair pay, family leave and workplace flexibility, Obama said in a worker-focused address tailored for the Labor Day weekend.


Story: Trump Message of Hope and Change to African-Americans Is Being Heard - by Dwight L. Schwab Jr. - Donald Trump has gone where no Republican presidential candidate has gone in any meaningful way; addressing African-Americans directly and often in their communities. Although the Hillary campaign pooh poohs such questions about their black vote in Tuesday's election, it has changed... #Politics

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An easy way to reform the Electoral College

If 2016 election results hold up, a candidate has won the presidency while losing the popular vote five times in US history. One reform could address that without changing the Constitution, but passage is unlikely.

Nov. 8th is Election Day. Polling locations are assigned by residential address and your polling place may change from one election to the next, so check before you go to vote:

Donald Trump delivered the final Republican weekly address on Saturday before Tuesday's election, and encouraged people to vote for him and other Republicans to ensure a change-oriented federal government. Fifteen days ago, I proposed my Contract with the American Voter, a 100-day action plan to bring real change to Washington, Trump said. We need change so badly. If we win on Nov. 8, and elect a Republican House and Senate, we can finally deliver the change the American people deserve…