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DIY Chandelier Planter

Transform a junk shop chandelier into a lovely Terracotta Planter Chandelier. It's a great repurpose you'll enjoy. Be sure to also view the Claypot People and Lighthouses.


29 Insanely Creative DIY Planter Ideas from Household Items

DIY Show Off

DIY Chandelier I just need a chandelier! Perfect for the flowers we like to put in hanging baskets


Teapot succulent planter - Found this teapot at a garage sale and planted some hens & chicks along with some Athoum sedum. I attached the plastic crystals to the inside of the pot by attaching the string with outdoor silicone. After watering, the excess water runs out the spout, so no need for drainage holes. DML 5/2014


DIY Show Off

This lovely potted chandelier would look great on every patio over summer. We love that you can mix and match any plants, including herbs and flowers to hang and decorate the space. Head down to the Nursery to grab your supplies to make yours this weekend!