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Chances Of Down Syndrome

In the heart of a meltdown, acknowledge how your child feels with words. For example, I can tell you are upset because you weren't expecting this (your personal example). Verbally confirming the reason for the child's frustration helps the child to feel they are heard, and calms things so you can work towards resolving the situation.


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"Whatever you do in life, find a place where you can play to your strengths. - People with autism (or ADHD) have more in common with others than we think. One major thing is this: if we get the chance to play to our strengths, boy can we play to our strengths."


I personally can relate with this. I have a Learning disability that causes me to learn academics four years slower then my age. This does not mean I never learn, it just means that we need to work a little more & take a little longer to learn. But I promise can & will make it. <3


Super Kawaii Food Art Show at JapanLA GIVEAWAYS Kawaii Japan Giveaway Posted on June 22, 2016 by Marceline As promised, I picked up some cute things on my Japan travels for a giveaway. Even if you can’t visit yourself, you can win a little bit of Japan. super cute kawaii japan giveaway I asked on Twitter and you all preferred more chances to win smaller prizes so I’ve split it into three themed prize packs: Cats, Candy and Characters! CATS Cat lovers can choose a Peropon self-water

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Top 10 TED Talks That Could Change Your Life

Here are the Top 10 #TedTalks that could #ChangeYourLife!


So fucking relevant. I worship the people who don't want me, and the people who I should actually trust and actually give a chance--I can't. I don't. I won't. Why? And then I'll push everyone away, isolate myself, and complain about how lonely I am... XD