Chicken Kelaguen is one of my mom's famous dish. A favorite in Guam. Has the flavor of grilled chicken, green onions, lemon, coconut, and Thai pepper.

This is an island style totillas, we called it, "Titiyas". This dish may be substituted for bread or rice and may be eaten as a meal with meat, chicken or fish.

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Here on Guam, there is no such thing as a fiesta without lumpia. These fried goodies are found on every fiesta plate right next to the red rice, fried chicken, kelaguen and finadene. Remember how I mentioned finadene serves as a multipurpose sauce? Well It pairs well with the red rice, fried chicken, and lumpia. Amazing! Even if you are not at…

Finadene Sauce from This is a doctored-up soy sauce recipe that came from Guam. Over there, this is always by the red rice and barbequed ribs and chicken. It really adds a nice flavor to the rice! Try it next time you serve plain or fried rice! YUM!

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Here is another version of the ever popular Chamorro favorite, Chicken estufau or stufau (as said on the islands). Allowing the chicken to marinate for at least an hour, makes for a tasty, braised ...

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Needed a place to stash my favorite Guamanian/Chamorro dishes with photos, all found on Facebook at 671 Recipes 

CHAMORRO EMPANADAS, another island favorite! Crispy fried masa dough, filled with toasted ground rice, chicken, flavored with garlic, and bits of bacon. They're typically an appetizer or snack but...

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