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Chamorro Shrimp Patties

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Chicken Kelaguen is one of my mom's famous dish. A favorite in Guam. Has the flavor of grilled chicken, green onions, lemon, coconut, and Thai pepper.

Here on Guam, there is no such thing as a fiesta without lumpia. These fried goodies are found on every fiesta plate right next to the red rice, fried chicken, kelaguen and finadene. Remember how I mentioned finadene serves as a multipurpose sauce? Well It pairs well with the red rice, fried chicken, and lumpia. Amazing! Even if you are not at…

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Chamorro Latiya Dessert

Chamorro Latiya Dessert from This is a dessert that is served often during island gatherings or fiestas. It's a traditional dessert and no chamorro table is complete without it. There are different variations, but any way it's made, it is DELICIOUS!!

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Guyuria - Chamorro Jawbreaker Cookies

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Finadene Sauce

Finadene Sauce from This is a doctored-up soy sauce recipe that came from Guam. Over there, this is always by the red rice and barbequed ribs and chicken. It really adds a nice flavor to the rice! Try it next time you serve plain or fried rice! YUM!

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Coconut "Titiyas"

This is an island style totillas, we called it, "Titiyas". This dish may be substituted for bread or rice and may be eaten as a meal with meat, chicken or fish.

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