A thick, honey-like adhesive at the tip of a chameleon’s tongue lets it bring its prey to its mouth after snagging it, scientists discover.

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Chameleon Tongue Attack in Slow Motion [Earth Unplugged] #chameleon #animals #nature #slowmotion #education #science #earthunplugged #bbc

A South African chameleon species can shoot its tongue with up to 41,000 watts of power per kilogram of muscle involved, a new study finds.

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A chameleon's tongue is 1 and a half times the length of their body. That's like someone who is 6 ft. tall having a 9 ft. long tongue! Credit: Giovanni Mari Photography

i LOVE chameleons. Bifurcated feet!!!! Opposable eyes. On Cones!!! Humongous tongue! What's not to love??

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Chameleon’s Feeding. The chameleon tongue apparatus consists of highly modified hyoid bones, tongue muscles and collagenous elements. The hyoid bone has an elongated, parallel-sided projection, called the entoglossal process, over which a tubular muscle, the accelerator muscle, sits. The accelerator muscle contracts around the entoglossal process and is responsible for creating the work to power tongue projection, both directly and through the loading of collagenous elements located between…

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