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My favorite fabric marking tools for sewing and quilting

bohin chalk pencil | ... finally, my favorite chalk marking tool is the Bohin Chalk Pencil

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My lovely friend @piecescalligraphy & @anintran have started an amazing challenge #handletteredABCs soooo CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! For the next 26 days I'll be posting a letter of the alphabet in chalk lettering! Two examples: Script & basic print lettering! Practice along with me!!! Use the hashtag #handletteredABCchalklove so I can see your chalk lettering! REMEMEBER...practice makes you better NOT perfect!!!! So get your chalk sharpened & let's start! To begin our challenge here's the…

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Guy Denning does a quick sketch each day and posts it to his blog. This one was done with conte and chalk and is proff that you can create something striking and accomplished in very little time. By Guy Denning

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