How to fell a tree and split the logs.

How to fell a tree and split the logs. But ensure you take health and safety precautions.

Stihl MS880 Magnum. The Big Block of chainsaws. (Insert Tim the Toolman grunt here)

have a "cage" in the room with some people in it/wall with a gap in it with fake arms coming from it. bloody plastic near entrance with chainsaw person behind it.have the guy chase the passerby's from the room.

naughts and crosses made out of a tree stump #abcdoes

Got my husband to make me a noughts & crosses game for my outdoor area, using a tree stump & his chainsaw! We use natural objects to play the game i. Pebbles, shells, fir cones or tiny wooden cookies.

Product workshop saw horse

Traditional sawbuck for cutting logs to length from longer logs and limbs.

To Make a Swedish Flame, stabilize the log, chainsaw 4 full diameter cuts 3/4 down the 30" length of the log. [mcg]

This is called a Swedish Flame. Make your wood cuts like your cutting a cake. Leave about six inches at the base, throw a cap full of fuel oil in there and it will burn up to three hours.

chainsaw bar hatcoat rack by SandSCountryCrafts on Etsy

Chainsaw bar hat,coat rack

Gallery - Carvings - Chainsaw Carving & Sculpture

Gallery - Carvings - Chainsaw Carving & Sculpture unrefined, give it the chop!