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from Etsy

Reserved for ASelt: Chainmail Armor, Fingerless Half Gauntlet Glove, Custom Pair

She really resembles the description of Kaylee Cousland in the fic 'To Spar With A Sten' which you can read/download from :-)

from Etsy

Armour Leggings - Size XXL Teal - Printed Chainmail and Metal Tights

Chainmail and Armor Leggings, looks like Zora armor from The Legend of Zelda:Twilight Princess ! #geek #Zelda #clothing

from Etsy

Chainmail armor for the Eco Felt Dragons made by The Roaming Peddlers

from Etsy

Dragon Scale, Chainmail Armor

Scale Chainmail,Chainmail Armor,Dragon Scale,Armors,Badass Costume,Medieval Heart,Fetish Chain,Alternative Fashion,Chain Maille