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We all know that the cerebellum is an important part of human beings’ brain responsible for controlling balance and coordination. Duo to various risk factors, the cerebellum may be damaged or inflamed, thus the people with this disease may lose coordination finally. In one word, the disease, Cerebellar Ataxia also known as Cerebellitis, is a sort of disturbance of neural system, which is the sudden onset balanced disorder. For more Cerebellar Ataxia awareness, reading more knowledge about…

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Cerebellar ataxia can occur as result of many diseases and presents with symptoms of an inability to coordinate balance, gait, extremity and eye movement. It is a form originating in the cerebellum. The causes for cerebellar ataxia is various and complicated. They could be direct injury, alcohol use, genetic disease etc. Cerebral disease is a most likely cause for cerebellar ataxia, and it divided as three kinds lesions: frontal injury, temporal lobe lesion and parietal lobe lesion.

Cerebellar ataxia belongs to ataxia which is non-specific clinical manifestation meaning the dysfunction of nervous system. The cerebellar ataxia patients present with the inability of coordinate balance, gait, extremity and eye movement. The causes of cerebellar is not clear now. The likely reasons are direct injury, alcohol using, genetic disease and cerebellar injury like cerebellar vermis lesion. Here we’re going to talk about how cerebellar vermis lesion leads to cerebellar ataxia.


Due to some injuries in cerebellum or other reasons, cerebellar ataxia patients are bothered by the muscular hypotonia and coordination disorder of voluntary movement. The uncertainty of the causes lead to none cure for cerebellar ataxia yet. However, it does not mean that there’ re no treatments to reduce the symptoms, improve patients’ life quality and enable them have a meaningful life. The treatment system for cerebellar ataxia patients roughly consisting of surgical operation and…