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Maisuta Minute Mani kiln: Potters for Peace show how to build a wood fired pottery kiln in Nicaragua -- in one minute video. This kiln will be used to fire ceramic water filters to purify water in rural areas of Nicaragua.

hyper-realistic oil painting by New York based artist Alyssa Monks, who uses filters such as glass, vinyl, water, and steam to distort her subjects.


SPOUTS of Water - Ceramic Water Filters in East Africa - 2016 Finalist - The St Andrews Prize for the Environment

Stefani #natural water purifier with ceramic candle #filter drinking #dispenser 6, View more on the LINK:

Coffee Brewing Pitcher; pottery, coffee pour over, pitcher, coffee dripper, coffee cone, coffee brewer, ceramic, handmade, wheel thrown

Make your best coffee in style with a wheel thrown pour over pitcher. The pour overs are made out of sturdy cinnamon stoneware clay and glazed with food-safe lead-free glazes. The pitcher pour over is sized slightly larger than the single serving cones, to accommodate a larger quantity of grounds and water. The pitcher holds up to approximately 42oz of coffee. Dont fight over who gets the first cup! Simply boil a pot of water, place a #4 paper cone filter in the pour over, measure your…

Katadyn Pocket Ceramic Water Filter

Pocket by name not pocket by nature The Katadyn Pocket Ceramic Water filter is almost a lifetime purchase it is the only product on the market that


Katadyn Mini Ceramic Water Filter

The Katadyn Mini Microfilter is Katadyn's lightest, most compact filter. Featuring an unique silver impregnated ceramic cartridge, the Mini Water...


Maybe not made for tea, but it looks perfect for brewing a higher concentration to pour over ice after steeping. When I make a tall glass of iced tea I use two bags or double loose in about 8oz filtered water, in a mug to steep. It can be awkward when pouring over ice. Gonna look for one of these!