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The Zeppelin Train, The Aerotrain And Other Classic Streamlined Trains

Not to be out-done by the Soviets, officials with the New York Central Railroad also tried welding jet turbines to the rooves of passenger trains. Very much faster, but only on straight-aways; on curves, speed still had limits. The noise was overwhelming.

Not okay, oh wait you have a prototype cold gun bye... Little he knew it was the Starlabs vacuum cleaner

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Central vacuum system, so much easier than lugging around a huge vacuum and more suction power than a handheld

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Central Vacuum Systems Buying Guide

Central Vacuum Systems Buying Guide | HomeTips

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BEFLEXX central vacuum cleaner mounted

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vac pan for kitchen and bathrooms - built-in vacuum system. GENIOUS!! My mother would love this.

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BEFLEXX central vacuum cleaner in-use

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Central Vacuum Cleaner #Vacuum_Cleaner

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