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VacVent Central Vacuum Cleaning Inlets... I already have the central vac system. Wonder of this is hard to add??


A Volta central vacuum cleaner is the best way to clean your carpet in home quickly, easily and effectively.

from Fancy


Sweepovac is a revolutionary kitchen vacuum that eliminates that pesky dirt-line often left behind by using a dustpan! It is easily placed in any kitchen by installing it in the bottom of the cabinets and does not require a central vac system. Its strong suction, removes dirt in seconds and its sleek design allows for no loss of space. Dimensions: 14-7/8 wide, 4-1/2 tall, 18-1/4 deep

Things to know when considering a central vacuum system. Systems are available at


A central vacuum unit can be as much as five times more powerful than conventional vacuum cleaners and since it is located in a remote location, the sound produced by the central vacuum is minimal. Also, it usually requires emptying only once or twice per year. As a final enticement to the homeowner, built-in vacuums typically retain their full value when a home sells and is considered a home upgrade which may increase the value of the home - something that can't be said for a portable…