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01 DMX Krew - Space Cucumbers [Central Processing Unit]

January 1961 : CERN’s IBM 709 computer arrives at Geneva’s Airport -- #ThrowbackThursday #TBT -- This photo was taken in January 1961 when the IBM 709 arrived at CERN. It was inaugurated at an official ceremony on 6 March that year. The central processing unit (CPU) of the IBM 709 was four to five times faster than that of CERN’s first electronic computer, the Mercury. It could be programmed in a high-level computer-programming language called “FORTRAN” (FORmula TRANslating), which helped a…

Graphics Processors Speed Up Twitter Visualizations

Graphics Chips Help Process Big Data Sets in Milliseconds - A new database tool dramatically improves processing speeds using technology that’s already in your computer. Known as MapD, or massively parallel database, the new technology achieves big speed gains by storing the data in the onboard memory of graphics processing units (GPUs) instead of in central processing units (CPUs), as is conventional. | MIT Technology Review

Central Processing Unit or CPU

Central Processing Unit or CPU is a machine or an electronic circuit, which controls commands entered through the machinery or electrical circuits.

The SMS/SAS systems are mostly used in Nuclear Power Plant or other Industrial Facility Seismic Monitoring Projects. The core of the SMS / SAS is a Central Processing Unit (CPU) with a multi-channel digital recorder system rack mounted in a seismically and EMC safe cabinet together with an industrial PC and relevant peripherals.

Siemens Simatic TI335-37 CPU Module PLC TI33537 T1335 Central Processing Unit (NP1456-1)

Siemens Simatic TI335-37 CPU Module PLC TI33537 T1335 Central Processing Unit (NP1456-1). See more pictures details at