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Viking Drinking Horn Vessels and Accessories

Pantheon of Oak- braided beard, irminsul spirals like lotus tree of life and hathor hair upside down, with horns and helmet


Mention the word norse and it is sure to conjure up images of vikings, dragon ships, and trolls. This lens serves as an introduction...

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11 Inspiring Celtic Symbols That Convey Power and Strength

Celtic Shield - The Celts were warriors, therefore, shields were a natural symbol for their battle fights, protecting them against the enemy attack. Therefore, shields too, are a very well-known symbol for strength. This is one of the Celtic symbols for power signifying bravery, protection, and a safe return home after victory.


By the fourth century AD, the predominant race in northern Scotland were the Picts, the name was coined by the Romans who referred to them as 'Picti' meaning 'painted ones', which referred to the Pictish custom of either tattooing their bodies or covering themselves with warpaint.