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Cell Wall & Membrane

Chartreuse Color | Under a microscope, cell walls are easy to observe. The rectangular ...

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Larger than A1 in size - The Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells Wall Chart is ideal for your science classroom. Suitable from GCSE to A-Level, it is colourful, concise and outlines the key concepts in this topic. Get it for your classroom from only £5

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4_Diatoms are a major group of typically unicellular algae, and are one of the most common varieties of phytoplankton. Unique to diatoms, their cells are encased in a cell wall of silica (silicon dioxide), which is responsible for their crystalline appearance. Diatoms are autotrophic, meaning they derive their nutrition from their surroundings by means of photosynthesis or chemosynthesis. This places them in the role of producers in the food chain.

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Coloured scanning electron micrograph of the surface of the mineralised cell wall of an unidentified diatom #microscopic

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Microscopy prints would make a great, colorful, abstract series for a wall somewhere. Goblet cells- they make your mucous. Microscopy

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Lyme Disease Bacteria Forms - Spirochete, Cyst, Cell Wall Deficient, Borrelia

Cell-Ease™ contains herbs that have been shown to work over the years to open up the cell wall and to increase cell permeability where the cell wall itself has lost the ability to exchange correctly. The most common problems that occur when the cell wall is not exchanging correctly are called MTHFR (methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase), many autoimmune conditions that include chronic inflammation including chronic skin conditions and acute genetic conditions.

This image reminds me of something you would look at under a microscope such as cells or organisms. It is such a simple image yet it seems to hold a lot of detail. I think this topic could be a great starting point for a project. This image could create such a great abstract pattern. The monochrome colours give it a very modern feel but it still maintains its natural element.

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