Fantastically detailed video on cell membrane. Part 1 of a series.  I love that this shows the fluidity of the membrane so well!

Video by Roshni Nelson as a part of her "Cell Membranes" Science Suitcase for STARS at UT Southwestern, Dallas. Funding by HHMI.

Cell Membranes Function, Structure and Composition: Cell Membrane

Cell Membranes Function, Structure and Composition

The cell membrane is a thin, semi-permeable barrier that surrounds and encloses the contents of a cell. It supports and helps maintain a cell's shape.

This is a class project we did to learn about the plasma membrane and its parts. The phospholipids were made of a balloon, two straws and masking tape to hold the tails onto the balloon. They were tied together on fishing string, glued together with rubber cement, then hung from the ceiling. The other parts were cut from heavy paper.

This is a class project we did to learn about the plasma membrane. <-- such a genius idea!

Cell Membrane Bubble Lab

Clear Biology revisits one of the sites most popular articles and provides a free resource for using the Cell Membrane Bubble Lab in class.

Cell Membrane Function Foldable

Cell Membrane Function Foldable

Help your students identify the parts, function, and composition of the cellular membrane structures in this fun foldable. The foldable includes a directions page and front to back pages.

Phospholipids & Cell Membranes.

top phosphate which is hydrophillic. middle is lipid which is hydrophobic bottom phosphate. all human cells have this phospholipid bilayer surrounding their cell.b transporters, channels and receptors