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And as of this post, her website is down because of her new novel announcement! Hopefully, it will still work when the site re-launches!

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Mark Making I really like the contrast that is introduced within this piece, as it combines both different textures of paper and media into a piece, in a successful manner.

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Occupying and connecting. Frei Otto. The image above by Otto supports his argument that human spontaneous networks of urbanity follow similar patterns to ones formed in nature through the structures of leaves, insect colonies or soap bubbles.

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“For tell me, is not that cabbage you speak of a being existent in Nature as well as you? Is not she the common mother of you both? Yet the opinion that Nature is kinder to mankind than to cabbage-kind, tickles and makes us laugh." Cyrano de Bergerac [1620-1655]: "The Soul of the Cabbage"

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Clint Fulkerson - Hand Drawn Geometric Abstraction

Clint Fulkerson-Visual Art Impressions The complex combination and merging of graphic lines creates a softness and give the overall image an organic aesthetic.

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