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Embryo cell junction. Coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of the junction between 2 blastomere cells in an 8-cell embryo, 3 days old. … The surface of each cell is covered in microvilli (red), tiny projections. Microvilli increase the cell surface area & here also function as bridges communicating between the cells. At the 8-cell stage embryo cells are loosely joined allowing the cells 2B separated 4 in vitro studies. On day 4 blastomere cells fuse together tightly (compaction)…


Synapse. SEM of a neuromuscular junction showing a motor neuron (orange) terminating on skeletal muscle fibers (pink).


Confocal light micrograph of a purkinje cell (stained with green fluorescent protein), a type of neuron (nerve cell). Purkinje cells consist of a flask-shaped cell body with many branching processes (dendrites) that receive impulses from other cells. Purkinje cells form the junction between the granular and molecular layers of the grey matter of the cerebellum.


Lightnings, hurricanes, tornados and supercells by storm chaser Camille Seaman


Synapse nerve junctions. Release of neurotransmitter chemicals from vesicles (yellow) in the presynaptic cell.


David Goodsell's Neuromuscular synapse. The acetylcholine-laden vesicles are carrying and releasing the neurotransmitter (ACh) from the neuron (upper 1/3) into the synaptic cleft (the middle pink section filled with laminin, collagen, perlecan and flower-like acetylcholinesterase). The muscle cell is the bottom 1/3.


Bees initially make circular cells and use their body heat to turn the wax into a viscous liquid. Then the surface tension at the 3-point junctions pulls the wax into a hexagonal shape. wow! so now I know.....WD


Cell junction greeting card

Neuromuscular junction. The nerve (in white) transmits its signal to the skeletal muscle (grey tubes) to generate contraction.


Professional Solar Panel Junction Box Use On Solar Cells DIY Waterproof PICK

LAUMAS has implemented the new Quality System according to the IEC 80079-34:2011, which will enable it to produce Load cells, Junction boxes, Indicators and Weight Transmitters IECEx certified suitable for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. IECEx is a certification scheme, accepted internationally, designed to ensure the compliance to the standards Ex (issued by the International Electrotechnical Commission - IEC) of the electrical products used in potentially explosive areas. The…

This photo displays three different types of cell junctions. 1. Desmosomes hold cells together (protein to protein). They can be found in heart, uterus, or skin cells. 2. Gap Junctions form links between all cells, allowing cytosol to connect. They are found in cardiac cells. 3. Tight junctions stop fluid and other stuff from passing between cells. They can be found in the urinary tract.


30% efficient multi-junction solar cell. The solar cell, a must-have technology for space, reaches its 60th birthday.

Acetylcholine crystals, polarised light micrograph. Acetylcholine (ACh) is a neurotransmitter (nerve signalling chemical) that plays an important role in relaying impulses at myoneural (muscle-nerve) junctions.