Celine Paris Leather Handbag.

Celine Paris Leather Handbag "My lips are sealed" Dream Bag ♡

This Celine bag is gorgeous. I want one in every color starting with black $310 60% on sale at http://www.outlet-celine.com/

Discount Celine (Hello Fashion)

Off to California for the weekend ✈️ check out this new post on Hello Fashion talking about my new go to spot for used designer pieces plus shop a couple of my pieces [link to post in bio]

What is Minimalism

Minimalism: A pictorial guide

Irina Lakicevic at Rochas SS 2015 Paris Snapped by Benjamin Kwan Paris Fashion Week. Love the geometric handles of the bag.

Celine bag (annoying link to a Tumblr blog -- but the bag's still gorgeous enough to pin :)

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