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[Secret Key] Dragon Bloody Essence 30ml [Description] Firming the skin : Contained Croton Lechleri Resin Extract, alias Dragon's Blood. It has an effect of firming the skin and caring the wrinkle caused by dryness, tiredness and change of the skin. •Whitening and Wrinkle Improvement (Dual functionality) : It is a dual functional essence. Adenosine helps to improve wrinkle. Niacinamide inhibits producing melanin in the skin so it helps to maintain your skin clean and clear.

What happens when you suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome? Is it just extreme tiredness, or are there other problems associated with the disorder? Here are some of the ways that CFS affects your body.


Iron Fact Sheet - Make sure you are getting adequate intake of iron. Iron works to carry oxygen from the lungs to blood cells and alternatively carries out carbon dioxide as waste. Iron works primarily in the myoglobin of muscles and the hemoglobin of red


Are You Fatigued? Find out the underlying real cause! -Dr. Eric Berg DC discusses the underlying root causes of tiredness, fatigue or a loss of energy. There are many causes, that most people incorrectly treat directly with all sorts of stimulants. Watch the video to find out the cause of your fatigue.

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10 Reasons Why You Are Always Tired & How to Fix It

4. Nutrient Deficiencies Causing fatigue, weakness, and poor concentration, anemia is a condition that develops when there isn’t enough red blood cells present in the blood to carry a sufficient amount of oxygen to bodily tissues. There are more than 400 types of anemia but the most common kinds are caused by iron and vitamin deficiencies. Affecting about 3.5 million Americans, the early symptoms of anemia… [read more]