Soviet Red Guard in the empty throne room of the Winter Palace, October Revolution

"It Has Come to Pass" ("Inevitable", or "Bolshevik Soldier Stands Guard in the Winter Palace") by Sergei Lukin. Soviet Red Guard in the empty throne room of the Winter Palace, October Revolution.

Students are asked to:Step1: Briefly explain each eventStep 2: Next to each CAUSE mark a number 1 through 8. #1 representing the biggest contributing factor that propelled Russia in the 1917 Revolution and #8, representing the least motivating factory.Step 3: ELABORATE on why you assigned a #1, 2, and 3 to the events that you did.Step 4: Short Essay response or discussion question

Wwi essay question Teacher's Edition for World War I with Discussion & Essay Questions designed by master teachers and experts who have taught World War I

IMPERIAL RUSSIA WINTER PALACE BALL~  1903. The last imperial ball before the Bolshevik Revolution.  Elaborate embroidered and bejeweled costumes with jeweled tiaras .

Petersburg: Winter Palace costume ball, The last Imperial Ball before the Bolshevik Revolution. Every guest wore century Russian styles.

Tsar and family, a tragic ending for this family. They're actually related to me through my Russian grandma. Very sad!

Massacre of the Russian royals: Horrific last hours of a dynasty

The Romanovs: were executed in 1917 by the communists. The Queen was Queen Victoria's granddaughter.

The Last Russian Royal Family: Tsarina Alexandra, Tsarevich Alexei, Tsar Nicholas II and Grand Duchesses Olga, Tatiana, Marie and Anastasia

Starvation was vast during the Russian Revolution. These refugee children, their bellies distended from malnutrition, gave mute testimony in 1921 to the famine that killed as many as 6 million people.

Starving and Ragged Children During the Russian Famine

Russian Propaganda poster "people and army are one"

USSR CCCP Cold War Soviet Union Propaganda Posters created by inquester. Order as shown, or change the print size or paper type & add custom framing.

Russian Graphic Design... #graphicdesign #russia

Logvin’s Museum Night Taste of Life, Krasnoyarsk Museum Centre 2005 (Grand Prix at the seventeenth Poster Festival in Chaumont

Soviet Propaganda Art Justin suggested i study some old posters and go ...

Russian Revolution Poster celebrating the October 1917 Revolution and the active part taken by the cruiser Aurora and the Kronstadt sailors

Animal Farm - Character Map storyboard by: rebeccaray

Animal Farm by George Orwell - Character Comparison: Using a T-Chart graphic organizer, students can compare Animal Farm characters to their allegorical comparison. Animal Farm Allegory comes alive us (Diy Cuadernos Historia)

1917 Russian Revolution painting by Vladimir Serov - "V. I. Lenin Proclaims Soviet Power"

1917 Russia Revolution - Vladimir Lenin, the leader of the Bolshevik Party, addresses a crowd of revolting soldiers, sailors, and workers in Petrograd.