Poverty is the underlying cause of all homelessness. Structural changes within the American economy have had a profound impact on societies "bottom segment." No, homelessness is not caused by mental illness, addictions, or unemployment.

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We want this piece to evoke a sense of optimism for the homeless youth population. Unstable home lives stripped them of their hope, leaving ...

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People who are homeless are not a distinct and separate population. In fact the line between being homeless and not being homeless is quite fluid. Causes Of Homelessness interactive by @HomelessHub

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National Coalition for the Homeless: A national advocacy network committed to "ending homelessness". Provides facts about homelessness, references to research materials, a directory to homeless/housing organizations, the NCH newsletter and calendar, and information about legislation and policy.

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Students are going to establish a community for the homeless. After researching the different causes and effects of homelessness, they will plan the community with services and activities. This PBL unit focuses on a real-world problem, while incorporating 21st century skills.

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