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How To Make Cauliflower Rice or Couscous

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Harissa chicken with cauliflower couscous and chermoula tomatoes - Under 400 cals and low carb, this makes a delicious dinner whether you're watching your figure or not!

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Spiced Moroccan Cauliflower Couscous – Tabbouleh

5:2 Diet Spiced Moroccan Cauliflower Couscous - Tabbouleh with Halloumi (56 calories) from @KarenBurnsBooth @ Lavender and Lovage

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Lamb Meatballs and Cauliflower Tabbouleh

We've turned a classic Middle Eastern tabbouleh into a gluten-free delight that will have most dinner guests (and children) fooled! The rich flavours of lamb work well with the zesty salad but beef is good too. This is a whole new way to enjoy cauliflower! From our bestselling cookbook The Art Of Eating Well, which includes recipes from the Channel 4 series Eating Well with Hemsley + Hemsley.

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James Martin’s cauliflower couscous with maple syrup dressing

A healthy alternative to rice, this caullflower couscous recipe from chef James Martin features a flavoursome maple syrup dressing

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Tom Kerridge's pork kebabs and cauliflower couscous

After shedding an impressive 11 stone over three years, the Michelin star chef Tom Kerridge is in the kitchen with a healthy dish which he guarantees you'll enjoy eating. His pork kebabs and spicy cauliflower couscous won't even feel like diet food, and can be shared with all your friends and family.

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