Wash stall with overhead hose hanger. Like the recessed shelf. @Stephani Nelson Nelson Lovelady

Swinging arm on the hose would make it so much easier! No more horses stepping on the hose. The shelf holding shampoos is also awesome

This implies about 3-4 pastures are necessary for pasture rotation. This would be possible, but expensive. Worth it?  Grazing Management Infographic

// This grazing infographic helps you know when and how to rotate your fields for your livestock to maintain a healthy pasture.

A Glimpse of Life on a Working Cattle Ranch

A Glimpse of Life on a Working Cattle Ranch I want a vaccine cooler like that!

Calf Creeping Sheds

Portable Livestock Shelters For All Your Animal Shelters Needs: Poultry – Rabbits – Waterfowl – Pigeons – Goats – Sheep – Hogs – Calf – Calves - Cattle

Wooden Cattle Barn

Wooden Cattle Barn