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malformalady: A vivid turquoise blue Chrysocolla exterior has been partially polished to reveal an amazing interior of velvety concentric bands of darker and lighter green chatoyant Malachite. Origin: Congo

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A superb enamel and gem-set Cicada brooch, by Boucheron. The wings of green and blue plique-á-jour enamel with calibré-cut sapphire detail to the old-cut diamond set body and eyes of chrysoberyl cats-eye, mounted in silver and gold, circa 1890. #antique #boucheron #brooch

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Rare Cat's Eye Tanzanite

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Chrysoberyl Cats Eye, 2.80 cts, Madagascar. This natural stone displays an unusually sharp and clear eye

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There are three indisputable kings of green in gemstones: Emerald, Tsavorite and Jadeite. Everyone loves green in at least one of its many shades, but not everyone is keen on expensive fragile emeralds or jadeite. So here is our list of 10 other unusual or more obscure examples of green gemstones. 1. Demantoid (Garnet) 2. Green cat’s eye quartz 3. Green Zircon 4. Sphene 5. Vanadium Chysoberyl 6. Green Kornerupine 7. Chrome Tourmaline 8. Green Aquamarine 9. Maw Sit Sit 10. Green Vesuvianite

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Cat's Eye Pezzottaite Madagascar A fine example of this rare species, this is a transparent, hot pink pezzotaite which displays a strong central eye. Weighing 3.46 carats and measuring 9.0 x 8.0 x 5.5mm

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