Catherine Zeta Jones- who doesn't love her.  Classic brunette with cute side swept bangs.

Catherine Zeta-Jones: We have pretty much the same hair color, wondering if I could pull off the longer, side-swept bangs?

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas wedding cake

For their wedding at New York's Plaza Hotel, Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta-Jones selected a vanilla and buttercream wedding cake designed by couture baker Sylvia Weinstock. / FOR REAL, THAT CAKE WAS OBNOXIOUS!

Celebrating functioning people with bipolar disorder - Catherine Zeta-Jones

Bipolar II - The diet coke (more mild form) of bipolar disorder now has a poster child

Catherine Zeta-Jones, actress

On April Catherine Zeta Jones came out to the world, explaining that she suffered from Bipolar II Disorder. Merely a year later, on June

Catherine Zeta Jones in EL ZORRO

Catherine Zeta-Jones Especial Filmes - zetaforever