Catherine de Valois. The mother of the Tudor dynasty.  Wife of Henry V and Owen Tudor. With her second husband Owen Tudor she bore a son Edmund who married Margaret Beaufort who would then produce a new king for England King Henry VII.  The first of the Tudors

Queens of England, Katherine of Valois, 1401 - 1437 Katherine was born at the Hotel-St-Pol, on October daughter of King Charles VI of France and Isabella of Bavaria. Katherine’s childhood.

The Marriage of Catherine of Valois and Henry V of England in 1420.  This blog has *loads* of amazing medieval and renaissance portraits -- well worth the look!

Reinette: Valois Princesses- The Marriage of Catherine of Valois and Henry V of England in

Catherine of Valois was the mother of Henry VI; her second marriage to Owen Tudor was the origin of the Tudor dynasty.

Catherine of Valois: Daughter, Wife, Mother and Grandmother of Kings

Catherine of Valois: Daughter, Wife, Mother and Grandmother of Kings: Marriage Of Henry V and Catherine of Valois image

Undressed funeral effigy of Catherine de Valois, Queen of England. Henry V's queen  died in 1437. Her grandson King Henry VII made major alterations to Westminster Abbey, which involved moving her embalmed body. She was placed in a crude coffin constructed of flimsy boards, and was left above ground. Catherine remained a public spectacle in the Abbey for over 200 years.

An effigy of Catherine de Valois rests in Westminster Abbey, London. The queen of England and wife of King Henry V had one of the earliest European death masks.

Henry V's marriage to Catherine of Valois  2 June 1420.  Henry died a couple years later.  Their only child was Henry, who later became Henry VI

King Henry V of England married Catherine of Valois, daughter of Charles VI of France, on this day June, 1420

Katherine of Aragón (Catalina de Aragón), married Prince Arthur on 14 November 1501 in Old St. Paul's Cathedral, London. She was born 16 December 1485 at the Archbishop’s Palace in Alcala de Henares near Madrid, Spain died 07 January 1536 at Kimbolton Castle, Cambridgeshire, England. Katherine was by birth related to both of Arthur's parents through the House of Lancaster.

Henry VIII Marries Catherine of Aragon: The Start of a 20 Year Marriage

Katherine of Aragon 1485 - 1536 First wife of King Henry VIII Queen of England 1509 - 1533 Daughter of Ferdinand II of Aragon, and Isabella I of Castille. Former Infanta of Spain.

Arms of Catherine of Valois

Consorts: The Arms of Her Majesty, Queen Catherine of Valois, consort of Henry…

Isabeau of Bavaria (aka "Isabella"), seen on the right, was the mother of Catherine of Valois, grandmother to Henry VI and Edmund Tudor, great grandmother to Henry VII, and great-great grandmother to Henry VIII. She was married to Charles VI ("The Mad") of France.

Isabeau shown in brocade court dress with ladies-in-waiting carrying the ermine-lined train

Catherine of Valois (October 27, 1401 - January 3, 1437)  Queen consort to: Henry V (1386 or 1387-1422, ruled 1413-1422)   Married: 1420 Coronation: February 23, 1421

Who Were the Queens of England from the Houses of York and Lancaster?

Catherine of Valois, daughter of King Charles IV "The Mad" of France & Queen Isabelle of Bavaria, and sister of Isabelle of Valois, Queen of England, as King Richard I "The Lionheart" Consort.

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Catherine of Valois

Undressed funernal effigy of Catherine de Valois, Queen of England, paternal grandmother of Henry VII, paternal greatgrandmother of Henry VIII

RED ROSE~~ Katherine of Valois was a wife of Henry V, mother of Henry VI. Later she was wed with Owen Tudor and became mother to Edmund, Jasper, Margaret, Catherine and Tasinda Tudor. So she was a paternal grandmother of Henry VII

Catherine of Valois, October 1401 January wife of Henry V and Queen Consort, mother of Henry VI. Through her second marriage to Owen Tudor she was grandmother of Henry VII.

Edmund Tudor, 1st Earl of Richmond, also known as Edmund of Hadham (1431-1456) was the father of King Henry VII of England and a member of the Tudor family of Penmynydd, North Wales. He was an older son of Owen Tudor and Catherine of Valois (widow of King Henry V of England). In 1455, he married 12 year old Margaret Beaufort. Edmund's only child, the future Henry VII, was born at Pembroke Castle in 1457, almost three months after his death.

Tomb Effigy of Edmund Tudor. Edmund Tudor Earl of Richmond Spouse Lady Margaret Beaufort Issue Henry VII of England Father Owen Tudor Mother Catherine of Valois Born 11 June 1431 Died 3 November 1456 (aged

Elisabeth (isabella) of Valois, 1545-1568, eldest daughter of Henri II of France and his queen Catherine de' Medici. Married Philip II of Spain as his third wife at the age of 14. She had 2 surviving daughters, Isabella Clara Eugenia, Archduchess of Austria and Catherine Michelle Duchess of Savoy. Died in childbirth.

Queen Elisabeth de Valois third wife of Felipe II, by Juan Pantoja de la Cruz, probably a copy of an original painting by Sofonisba Anguissola (Italian,

Isabella of France (9 November 1389 – 13 September 1409) was Queen consort of England as the second spouse of King Richard II. Her parents were King Charles VI of France and Isabeau of Bavaria. Isabella's younger sister, Catherine of Valois, was Queen consort of England from 1420–1422, as the wife of King Henry V of England and mother of Henry VI, King of England.

Queen consort of England (Isabella of Valois) married to Richard II King of England (Reign: Jun 1377 to Sept Richard and Isabella on their wedding day.

Catherine of Valois & Family History with Mental Illness

Reinette: Valois Princesses- Catherine de Valois, Comtesse de Charolais daughter of King Charles VII of France and Marie of Anjou.